We see a church committed to worship in songs that reflect a passion for Jesus where people sense His power and love. We see a church committed to growing younger in worship by coaching and empowering next generation leaders.

Youth are not just the future of the Church; they are the Church. These are the people who are going to change a generation. They will have influence on the world around them and we have the responsibility to champion them. For the church to remain thriving and alive it is massively important to shift gears and pour into, disciple, and develop the creativity and leadership in our next generation.

So where does it start? It starts with me and you, the Church having the revelation of the importance and value of releasing keys to the next generation. I personally commit to invest my time, talent, and treasure in empowering next generation leaders. I commit to honouring them, coaching their potential, encouraging them, and releasing them to take the lead. My prayer is they will see and do greater things than what I have done or seen for Jesus.

Now is the time! To me there is nothing more exciting than to be led by young people in worship. Most importantly is that we disciple young people to Jesus and allow Him to shape their hearts. In everything we say or do, Jesus is everything. Nothing compares to seeing a young person connect with Jesus. What an honour and incredible opportunity to be part of!

Be blessed!

Pastor Angela

Worship With Us

Leading others in worship is an opportunity where we continuously grow and develop skill-sets, learn new songs, and welcome new members.

Where to begin...

Thank you for your interest in lending your musical talent at Beloved City Church. It is a fun, challenging, and rewarding ministry. Once you have connected with us we will contact you to arrange a time to meet you. You will be invited to join us for practice where we can get to know you more. We will also request you to complete step One of the Growth Track.

Connect With Us Growth Track