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Coaching and Mentoring

BeLoved Church pastors and leaders are ready to connect with you. Whatever your situation, they will hear your story, provide soul care and spiritual direction, pray with you, and help you find practical next steps.

BeLoved City Church partners with counsellors and coaches who provide support both in-person or online. Sessions are determined with each counsellor and tailored to your situation, mobility, and comfort level. Each of our partners and team members are of Christian faith and worldview.

Some counselling partners and resources are listed here on this page. To connect with us directly please send an email to hello@belovedchurch.ca.

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Kenneth Kuo B.Sc, RTC

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Ken is available for personal counselling and facilitating support groups in loss & grief, bereavement, separation & divorce.

Virtual appointments required for Vancouver Island residents.

Individual 60 mins $120 or 90 mins $180

Couples 60+ mins starting at $135

*Coverage available with some insurance providers. Please check with your health plan provider, workplace human resources, or post secondary student services to confirm eligibility.

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Care in the Community

There are many organizations in Nanaimo that provide community support for recovery, shelter, food, and housing. Several of these are listed on our Serve Nanaimo page where you can also find opportunities to volunteer.

Nanaimo Helps

How can we pray for you?

Please know that all requests are kept strictly confidential. If you'd rather request prayer by phone, please call us at 1-250-924-1556.