Malawi Orphan Care is one of our global initiatives here at BeLoved City directed through Global Harvest, the missions division of ACOP Canada. A portion of every dollar you give supports Malawi feeding centres for orphan care, and fundraising for special projects.

Malawi is approximately 850 kms from north to south and 250 kms east to west. The 8 main feeding centres and 10 sub-centres stretch across with currently 1545 orphans and 529 elderly cared for at these locations.

Current Project

Kanengo Kids Centre

Located on the outskirts of Lilongwe, Malawi in Area 39 is Kanengo. This area is primarily industrial with smaller villages scattered through out.

The ACOP church is 4 years old, overflowing and in need of an extension. This church received a tin roof from ACOP Global Harvest 3 years ago.

The area chiefs requested if the church could help establish a kids center, and have provided the land next to the church property. Hand made bricks have been produced, with more waiting to be fired. 20 bags of cement for mortar have been donated and walls are being built.

This project is still in process with a vision for the completed building to consist of two classrooms, an office, and a storage room. Some of the planned uses would be for kindergarten and feeding center for the kids.

In partnership with ACOP Global Harvest, BeLoved has contributed towards purchasing the framing materials, tin for the roof, bags of concrete for floors and gutters, doors, windows, plaster, and paint.

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