Malawi Orphan Care is one of our global initiatives here at BeLoved City directed through Global Harvest, the missions division of ACOP Canada. A portion of every dollar you give supports Malawi feeding centres for orphan care, and fundraising for special projects.

Malawi is approximately 850 kms from north to south and 250 kms east to west. The 8 main feeding centres and 10 sub-centres stretch across with currently 1545 orphans and 529 elderly cared for at these locations.

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Current Project

Maenje Kids Centre

Located on the outskirts of Lilongwe, Malawi in Area 39 is Kanengo. This area is primarily industrial with smaller villages scattered through out.

The local church is 5 years old and overflowing. The area chiefs are in support of the church in helping to establish the first kids center, by providing the land next to the church property. The kids center would include a pre-school, kindergarten, and feeding center for the kids.

Project Update

April 2024

The school is nearly finished and already home to over 150 students. The remaining items to be completed are a concrete floor, a porch addition, and some furnishings. Costs of concrete have increased beyond what the local church is able to provide. This is where we come in!

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In 2023, BeLoved contributed towards getting this project started by purchasing the framing materials, tin for the roof, concrete and bricks, doors, windows, plaster, and paint.

We want to send a designated gift by May 12th, Mother's Day to help finish the school. Every dollar matters, and invite you to consider joining us in making a difference for this community.

The best way to donate is through e-transfer at:
*Please note it for Malawi, Africa.

Online giving through credit card is also available.

Online Giving

Every gift is tax receiptable provided we have your complete mailing address.