This Week at City Group

Week of Oct 1 - Life in Christ


1 Corinthians 12:11-27
Ephesians 5:23 
Christ is the head of the church


Our divided world needs a unified church. Through the work of Jesus and His Church, we are complete in Him, equipped and built up together so that we can step into our responsibilities to accomplish His mission. This is Life In Christ! Growing and going together. To be in Christ includes being connected to His body, the church. A unified church is a life-giving church.

Q: Why is the headship (leadership) of Christ in our life important to our spiritual formation? How does this provide a skeletal system for the body of Christ to grow spiritually, relationally and missionally?

Q: Think of the human body! What is the importance of systems in the body of Christ? How do systems contribute to function and form, both spiritually and physically? Where have you noticed that systems have contributed to establishing life giving relationships?

Q: In which ways could the Church further model a heart of unity as Christ prayed for? How would this make a tangible difference in the way the world sees Christ in us, irresistible and glorious? Are their behaviours, motivations, and/or passions in me that could portray Christ as resistible? What personal and corporate steps could be taken to embrace the transforming power of the Holy Spirit?

Q: How has serving on the Grow Team at BeLoved helped you experience feeling known and needed? How has serving helped you to develop a deeper relationship with God? What does it mean to you to "serve as praise" rather than to "serve for praise?"


Q: Are there areas in my life that only lives to serve itself? What could it look like to identify these areas, to surrender them to God, and to learn to redirect what is being used to solely feed and grow myself to meaningfully contribute to the rest of the body?

Q: Have you joined a serving team at church yet? Next TEAM Discovery Night, Friday October 6th.


Jesus, thank You for this free gift of salvation that offers us a life of liberty and freedom from sin, shame, and broken habits. Thank You for assembling us as a "body" designed and purposed to fulfill Your calling to minister to one-another and to reach the lost and lonely of our city. Holy Spirit teach us and nudge us to be more like Jesus as we live, give, serve, and love. Help us to learn to collectively and lovingly function as a worshipping, relational, and missional community of Jesus followers where we live, work, play, and study. In Jesus name, Amen!