Our Culture

We worship loud. We abandon self in the way we passionately celebrate Jesus. Everything we do, we do for the glory of God. Building up the next generation, we set aside preferences so they to can experience Jesus and fall in love with His church.

Paraphrased from Psalm 33:3. We will play skillfully before the Lord, with a shout of joy, unintimidated, and unashamed because we love God and want to lead others to encounter His presence in worship.

Our music style is contemporary, blending gospel, rock, and pop influences. Songs are current and Jesus focused.


It fills the room.
A full sound draws people in and invites them to be part of our worship experience. We want to see people engaged.

No spectators.
The volume of our music is loud to encourage people to sing out. If it's too low people often become worried about what others think.

Let's celebrate!
Our primary reason for keeping the volume loud is that we want to project a celebratory sound that communicates that Jesus is alive and making a difference in people's lives today.


The worship team is a leadership position within BeLoved City Church and requires a higher level of commitment and accountability. This team is dedicated to carrying the DNA and culture of BeLoved. If you can play with a click, can hit the right pitch, and are looking for a place to serve on the worship team, we invite you to step out and give it a try. We hope you have fun!

Next Steps

  1. Attend both Family and Team Discovery Nights.
  2. Complete the Interest Form found in the link below.
  3. Once 1 and 2 are completed, we will email you few songs to practice for an audition.
  4. Serve in another area of the church. Be part of the church as a whole, not just the platform. Love your church by inviting and investing.
  5. As we get to know you, we will assess your readiness for Sunday services. Once scheduling begins, we look for commitment in showing up for rehearsals and services, coming prepared knowing your part, an attitude easy to work with, ability to receive feedback and make necessary changes, and willingness to adjust your musical preference in a way that works with the team and overall sound we are working towards.
  6. Throughout the journey, Angela will connect with you to celebrate wins, discuss areas to grow, and hear how you’re doing.